ABOUT US: City Museum is an online museum and hub for captivating black content and musings. It is the vanguard of a new Nigerian museum; an embodiment of beauty, talent, class, emotions and intellect, remodelled to meet the needs of a changing society! The aim is to safeguard Nigeria’s Artefacts, revive culture and learning, showcase breath taking destinations across the nation and a rich variety of original, exclusive and creative African content. This includes contemporary diaries, fashion trends, culinary expertise and State-of-the-art technology.

We are also preoccupied with the task of re-defining the Modern Nigerian youth and engaging him/her with a set of ideals necessary to bring about good leadership, unity and stability in the nation. Ultimately, the museum will be engaged in culturing creativity, creating value for products and services, and building gems for the future, through various packages and services set up to empower youths and promote Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria!

OUR VISION: The Nigerian dream is born: The emergence of a new Nigerian. With talent, intellect, moral integrity and social responsibility; upholding social truths and best practices of the people and breaking away from a custom of silence, strife and resolute unbelief to embrace the warmth and endless possibilities of Africa. It is a long established fact that museums were created for people. To educate, inspire, amuse, arouse public interest and pass on unique historical and cultural materials.

City Museum holds the creative impulses of the arts and life of Nigeria. It exists to inform Africans of their changing epochs, culture and talent. To showcase their beauty, reconcile the past and restore love, pride and dignity in them. It is a place of contemplation, amusement and profound artistry.

City Museum is Sui generis. It captures amazing highlights of the people and their unforgettable moments in history, and seeks to engage young and positive minds. It is the heart and voice of the new Nigerian. A realization of the Nigerian dream! It promises to be the foremost Modern and Virtual Museum in Nigeria and a model museum for all!

Mission: To rebrand the Modern Nigerian Museum, promote indigenous culture and talent and revive tourism in the nation.

Our Core Values:

  • Love for One Another
  • Dignity in Labour
  • Self Assertion
  • Integrity of Character
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Value Creation
  • Upholding Cultural Values and Shared Beliefs
  • Building Relationships and Strengthening Bonds
  • Driving Innovation and Sustainability

Our Services:

  • Online Advertisement
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Intermediary Sales
  • Nationwide Delivery of Products and Services

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